About the podcast

Efficiently Effective is a monthly podcast on content and UX. We like to shed light on hot topics but also go into basic principles and best practices. That makes Efficiently Effective an interesting listen for experienced and new UX and content professionals, and for everyone interested in making digital experiences better. 

About The Dutchess

The Efficiently Effective podcast is, as I formally say each episode, 'a production of The Dutchess'. But you can also call me Saskia Videler. I'm a curious content strategist in Belgium, who is also very passionate about user experience.

Entering this field, some odd five years ago (before that I was a web copywriter and also worked as a social media professional), I fell into the rabbit hole where I discovered this whole World of facets and aspects, conundrums and dilemma's, opportunities and ways to make the web a better place. I love it here and intent to explore every corner of it. 

Making this podcast gives me the perfect excuse to dive a little deeper and talk to experts to learn from them and hear their views, to connect and to share this knowledge with you, every month as a new episode comes out.

As I've only just begun producing this podcast, I would love to hear your feedback! If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them, too. You can reach me through the contact form and on Twitter @EffectivePod.

special Thanks to...

I would not be able to make this podcast without the editorial, technical and mental support of Sander Spolspoel. He makes cool stuff, too: check out his animations at Sworl.be.

theme Music

The theme music on each episode is by Kevin McLeod at incompetech.com, Creative Commons licensed by Attribution 3.0. 


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