Party of one

Oh, how time flies - before you know it, another year has passed. The Efficiently Effective podcast is now one year old! A year and 1.5 months to be exact, but let's not be too fussy on the details. Let's celebrate with a (different kind of) party: our party of one-episode! 

In larger organisations, there's often more than one person of a certain profession. Like, there's a team of developers, and several designers. Still, a lot of content strategists are working in situations where they are the only content strategist - in small and larger corporations.

Being the only one of your professional kind in a team brings a lot of opportunities, but also quite some challenges. How do you make sure everyone on the team knows what you do, how you can help? Where do you start and what should you be aware of? And how do you build a team?

 And then there are quite a bunch of us working on a freelance basis, which brings a whole other set of benefits and challenges. Convincing clients to work with you is one thing, making sure the content strategy is fostered after you leave is another. But on the other hand, the variation of context and assignments and flexibility in your way of work, are tremendous benefits. 

Our guests Andy Welfle and Cameron Siewert, two amazing content strategists who know all about those struggles and benefits, will share their experiences and advice with you in this episode.

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