GDPR Part 2 - Impact on content and UX

Part 2 in the GDPR mini series: implementing GDPR in your work

Last month we talked about the basics of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this episode we focus on the specific impact on content strategy and UX.

Because the GDPR will change the web, but also our work. Not only how we process personal data, but also how we ask for it will change. People need to be able to view, edit and delete their data. And then there are our research practices. Even those are impacted by the GDPR.

If you are 'new' to all things GDPR, please listen to episode 1 first. Episode 2 will make much more sense that way. 

Also check out the accompanying blogpost to episode 1 for links to the full GDPR text, some helpful info sources and an overview of the basic principles of GDPR.

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Overview of the steps to take

  • Check with your company where you stand with GDPR compliancy, find the taskforce, let them know you are here to help.

  • Dig up your privacy policy and test it for transparency. Make it more readable, understandable, better.

  • Map out the data streams like user journeys. What does it mean for communication through your design and content?

  • Check whether the tools you use for testing are GDPR compliant. If necessary, find new ones.

  • Design a beautiful flow for the user to view, edit or retract their data.

  • Join the conversation - here, at meetups, conferences, on Twitter, the content & UX Slack - and share your findings, cases and best practices. 

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